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Hi there! Let me begin with introducing myself! My name is Max. How did I get my name? Well, if any of you are familiar with the story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” then you’ll quickly realize why my humans named me Max. Apparently, they tell me I look like another friendly pup called Max from that story. Hence, I am Max. 

How about a little bit of my background. I am a full Australian Labradoodle and hypoallergenic. I am only a year old, so yes still a pup. I was born in Indiana and at 13 weeks old I went straight to training for my day job. Can you imagine starting to work at 13 weeks old?!! After being vetted, I started training as a Certified Funeral Home Facility Dog. I trained hard for six months straight. After finishing my training in Indiana, I finally got to graduate and move on to my full-time job that was waiting for me in Vernal, UT! I could not wait to get to work. 

I had been told numerous times about the business and family that had been patiently waiting for my arrival all these months. Boy, it was amazing to finally meet these people and start my job! I am a part of the genuine care that the Phillips Ashley Valley Funeral Home offers each and every family.

Let’s see… how about some information on my background as a Certified Funeral Facility Dog and what that means? First off, what is a facility dog you may ask? 

A facility dog is an expertly trained dog who partners with a facilitator/handler working in a health care, visitation, or education setting. In my case, it is in the funeral home visitation setting. I take immense pride in the care, comfort, peace and love I provide to families during one of the most difficult times they are experiencing. 

Why do I do this you may ask? I do this because I want to help those grieving feel comfortable and peace while planning their loved one’s final wishes. I also try to relieve stress and anxiety by simply being with them. 

How do I do this? I have different methods. Whether it’s to “snuggle”, “visit”, or merely sit/lay at your feet, you will know that you’re not alone. I find my work exceptionally valuable with grieving children who may not be comfortable talking about their feelings with adults. I give them someone to talk to and comfort them during this emotionally, confusing time. 

You may wonder what’s the difference between a Certified Facility Dog and a Therapy Dog? Well, we are similar, but unlike Therapy Dogs who don’t usually work full-time at a specific institution and aren’t always legally certified for a specific training, I am. I was required to receive special training for the funeral home. I was required to be legally certified and have four different humans who are my “handlers”.  

My handlers…..These are four specified humans that are only allowed to take me. They spent days training and learning my commands and tricks. They also had to graduate from training just like I did; which means whenever you see me working or in public, I will ALWAYS be with one of my certified handlers. 

Like you, at the end of the day, I get to go home from my day job. I get to relax and stay with my loving family who meets my needs and allows me to enjoy the beautiful outdoors or just cuddle on the couch. In addition to spending time with my family and cuddling, I also love spending time in our local schools with the kids. I find it extremely fulfilling to see the joy in their eyes when I walk into the room. 

I love meeting and making new friends. Take a few minutes and stop by to come see me. No special occasion necessary! We can snuggle and play or just sit still together. I am a good listener, and I have a soft and curly blanket coat that loves to be brushed and hugged. 

 I can’t wait to meet you! I’ll be waiting!

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